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My novel is done....

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

and sent to my agent. Doesnt look much for 6 years of blood sweat and toil but as Flaubert said in relation to his struggle to find the right style for Madam Bovary ‘it’s no easy business being simple’. I’ve rewritten the novel so many any sane person would have bottom drawed it years ago but I couldn’t let it go. Whether it makes it to publication remains to be seen but at least I got it there. I got it how I wanted it to be. I found this story’s shape. I realised a vision. And for that I’ll allow myself a few moments of pride. What a marathon, what a search, what a journey. I’ve had and raised 2 children,moved house, maintained a part time lecturing post and seen my mum through an illness to the grave. If I do achieve a book deal. I will indeed be a very happy person. But if not this story and it’s character I’ve gone to know so closely will be serving me well as an interesting PhD novel that experiments with bringing screenwritkng in to fiction and exploring muktimodal digital writing. Of which the latter, more anon. Win, win. So if anyone is thinking this is the year to follow a far off creative dream, a project they can’t ever really imagine themselves achieving them I say do it. Don’t hold back. There are few things more deeply and personally rewarding.

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