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I am passionate about the power of creativity to communicate ideas, benefit individual growth and nurture social cohesion. I have been making and teaching filmmaking and multimedia practices for over 22 years and continue to investigate the way traditional approaches to creative writing and audio-visual making converge with today's online social and creative practices across platforms and technologies.

Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer and the Course Leader for the Combined Film and Media Studies BA within The Cambridge School of Creative Industries, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, I am also part of the Decolonizing the Curriculum Working Group and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I am also on the board for the academic journal 2.0 (intellect) and screenwriter mentor for the Watersprite Student Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.

I have published academic papers on creative writing, visual culture and multimodal creativity and contributed content to various websites, blogs and specialist knowledge platforms.

You can find my institutional Academic Profile here or visit my blog to see more recent activities and news.

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