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Articles and book reviews

Gibson Yates, S., Ivanescu, A., Yeni, N. 2020, Co-editors Book 2.0 Special Issue on Books and Technology: 10th-anniversary issue. Intellect Journal Publications. 


This special issue examines the journal's founding theme and presents a series of papers from research experts and creative practitioners.

Gibson Yates, S. 2020, Writing digital culture into the young adult novel, Ibid. 

Gibson Yates, S. 2020, Josie Barnard's The Multimodal Writer, Book review Red Globe Press, 2019. Ibid. 


Free extracts available here (on our blog) and on the publishers' website here. 

Gibson Yates, S. 2020Visual Thinking in Fiction, essay in Ways of Thinking. Cambridge School of Art. Find more information here.


Gibson Yates, S. 2019, Putting Multimodal Writing On The Page. Writing in Education, No 78, Summer Issue. Journal of The National Association of Writers in Education, UK.

Gibson Yates, S. 2011, User: Reflections on the narrativisation of self within social networking sites. Book 2.0. Issue 1.2  Intellect. 

Published papers available @


Gibson Yates, S. 2016, To Die For. Crisp: An Anthology of New Writing, Minted Press, Anglia Ruskin University Publications.

Gibson Yates, S. 2014, Carried Away. Positional Vertigo. Askance Publishing.

This wonderfully kaleidoscopic cover image for this special edition of Book 2.0 is by the celebrated Toby Isley. Thank you Toby!

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