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Slow Film, reflects on our experience of time and nature's reclamation of urban spaces during the UK Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns of 2020-21. In this film, I combine slowed footage of my children jumping on a trampoline with night-shot video and audio of a local fox who became a regular visitor to our garden. Set to a space-inspired soundtrack charting Voyager's first trip to the moon, the film conjures the out of normal world experience many of us felt at that time as we halted our routines and reconsidered our priorities. 

Still from Slow Film (2021), work in progress.

Then I Pressed Delete, reworks part of my YA novel (The Networked Wonderland of Us), written for my PhD, into an interactive visual novel. Investigating the potential for producing young adult fiction at the intersection of narrative game design and traditional literature, Then I Pressed Delete explores the impact of our indelible digital lives on a young care leaver - Kasha Ray - as she struggles to reconcile where she's come from with who she wants to be. Click here to read more about The Networked Wonderland of Us.

Mariam at the End of Time, is an Upper Middle-Grade Children's fantasy novel currently being developed through The Golden Egg Academy year-long course, Writing for Children and Young Adults. After discovering humanity is an experiment that is about to end 11-year-old skater-girl Mariam Sugarbright, must overcome her mistrust of others and find what is good and worth saving about people before the all-powerful Allmaker ends human life forever.

Download the opening extract here.


Cover art for my PhD novel by the talented Libby Scott.

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