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Memories of travel: enough to last through a pandemic?

As the UK government announce substantial bans on cross-border travel for the foreseeable near and mid future, and my heart sinks at the prospects of not leaving this island's shores for some time, I am reminded of how precious our six week trip around France was last summer.

In July last year, as everyone made plans for staycations, we bought a motorhome and travelled around France with our two children (6 and 9). It was on the back of a decision taken only 3 weeks earlier and with very little planning (the result of my husband having to close his business due to Covid). The summer looked bleak, but we had some money saved for a home extension (still shelved) to buy the motorhome, a long standing, as yet unrealised dream to travel Europe in one, the courage to act on this dream, and finally, the time to do it.

I wrote a piece about it here: Life on the road after lockdown. It was the best thing to come out of this pandemic so far for me, and, I think I can speak for my family, for them too. Don't loose courage as we hide away at home during these dark winter months. Don't loose your nerve. or appetite for adventure. There will still be opportunities to live your dreams, small and big. If not now soon. Keep open and keep strong.

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