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Stories for a better future

Earlier this year I was invited to write a post for Anglia Ruskin University's blog for National Storytelling Week. I rather forgotten about it but as I was gathering material I'd published this year for a roundup I read it again and really rather like it so I thought I'd post it here.

We need stories to help us more than ever now, to help us envision this new normal post lockdown, still living with a pandemic with no discernible end and increasingly mixed messages from governments about how to manage it. There are some brilliant initiatives around asking us and children in particular how they envision the world post Covid. This piece sums up some of the issues facing Gen Z who have arguably lost out the most in terms of normal life. This is certainly the case for my third year BA students as the lockdown graduating experience this year will be remembered not all for the happiest of reasons. Humans are resilient, thankfully, and inventive, and we will reconfigure the landscape if we meet it on the front foot. There will be winners and losers but with the right stories in the right hands everyone can have a voice and a fair chance for a good life. What story would you tell for a better future?

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