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My creative practice explores storytelling through screenwriting, fiction and audiovisual production, addressing issues of ecology, climate change, technology and identity.  Stories are a lens through which we construct and view the world. Understanding their mechanisms across a range of media (or modes) deepens our appreciation of how stories work without dispelling their magic. In myriad forms, stories provide essential insights into how we connect and how we want to be seen, and it is for these reasons that stories continue to fascinate me.


Current work includes a range of writing and audiovisual projects developing my multimodal storytelling practice. Then I Pressed Delete reworks part of my PhD novel for YA as a visual novel. Slow Film, reflects on nature's reclamation of urban landscape during the 2020-21 lockdown. Mariam at the End of Time is a STEAM-focused middle-grade novel asking if humanity is an experiment that is about to end what could save us? You will find more about these, and more, on my Projects page.


Within my current position as Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for Media and Communication within The Cambridge School of Creative Industries I draw on over twenty years of experience in filmmaking, film education, film training and film curating in the design and delivery of programmes of work that provide students with opportunities to explore the mechanisms of storytelling and the ideologies and markets that drive them.

My recently completed Creative Writing PhD thesis titled, Writing Digital Cultures into Contemporary Realist Young Adult Literature a novel and exegesis (2021)investigates how the languages and practices of digital culture have made their way into contemporary realist Young Adult Literature (YAL) over the past 20 years, from the perspective of the author-researcher.  You can read more about this on my PhD page.

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