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Drawing on a background in filmmaking, film education and film curating my practice engages a range of storytelling practices through writing, moving-image making and audio design. In my position as Senior Lecturer and the Course Leader for Film and Media with the Cambridge School of Creative Industries, I design and deliver a range of modules exploring the intersection between multimodal writing practices and audio-video production.

My PhD in Creative Writing, Writing Digital Cultures into Contemporary Realist Young Adult Literature a novel and exegesis, investigates how the languages and practices of digital culture make their way into contemporary realist Young Adult Literature (YAL) over the past 20 years, from the perspective of the author-researcher.  This practice-based research consisted in the writing of a novel for young adults deploying a range of writing practices including prose, screenwriting and social media 'marks'. It was longlisted for the Times Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition 2020. Contemporary realist YAL thrives at an exciting nexus of possibilities, including literary experimentation, storytelling, identity formation, and culture shaping and as such, certain works of YAL represent a valuable discourse around urgent post-digital literary and cultural ideas. I argue the story-driven discourses of contemporary realist YAL, enacted in the public sphere evidence new ways of thinking about and responding creatively to the subject of digital technologies within the lives of young people and within literature. 

I am currently developing a post-doctorate research strategy that will explore the notion of the expanded story within digital storytelling practices, asking what impact evolving practices of narrative composition will have on future content creation and digital publication.